Studying for the Master’s and getting the right Information is daunting. I have cumulated some resources which might be helpful for those who are in the process!

GRE and TOEFL prep

1. Magoosh prep

2. TOEFL prep

3. Youtube channels to follow

This guy is well versed with the quant and verbal part of the GRE. He explains the concepts of math in a lucid way and gives tips on how to approach the verbal part.

b. Greg mat

He has his tools for everything related to verbal and AWA part (where he includes a structured format while writing which is awesome!) and also has a website

c. Magoosh youtube channel and Manhattan gre prep channel

These channels contain the word of the day for improvising vocabulary which is very useful.

d. Lingua marina

She has playlists that could improve up your vocabulary which is useful.

e. Mock test materials

I did my practice on Kaplan, Princeton, Manhattan and free ETS tests for GRE. For TOEFL I purchased the ETS tests for practice. I have purchased them in a website combined( or else you could purchase them in their individual websites.

Other Resources

2. Other Useful Links

the last link for those in abroad and lost jobs due to COVID 19 can search any relatable jobs in the website 🙂

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