I was always thrilled to know about the interfaces that designed the interactions between humans and computers. This has long history from XEROX Alto computer to the latest smart watches which could measure your ECG. NUI’s (Natural User Interface) are intertwined in our routine lives like the smartphone in our pocket, smart watch with notifications, VR games, beautiful AR filters in apps like snapchat.

So much has come ,but what about those mid air holograms, gesture interfaces, those mixed reality glasses, folding phones like smartwatch!

Before that I want to talk about where we are now. One of the fascinating…

Studying for the Master’s and getting the right Information is daunting. I have cumulated some resources which might be helpful for those who are in the process!

GRE and TOEFL prep

I recommend online self study preparation but it can be varied, if you want to take coaching from institution.

I have personally used this website and found very useful in clearing my math concepts and for my verbal practice for *GRE

For TOEFL I have used the Notefull free videos from youtube but you can also buy their premium material in their website

a. The Tested Tutor

This guy is well versed with…

Throughout my interest in learning about science, I had found some You tube instructors who are so cool and crisp in explaining concepts of Math, physics, chemistry. I thought I would share them!

This guy is so cool he could explain all the math concepts so ease.

He explains all those Physics and Chemistry concepts in a clear and concise manner.

He really turns out the perception that Physics concepts are hard, he explains the physics concepts in a funny way so you could never forget them!

I would call him master in explaining concepts. He has his videos on…

Maintaining the newsletters in the inbox with curated info is difficult. These are the ones I use them as my Daily driver in my inbox and found them really useful, if you like them, include in your inbox too 😁

These newsletters contains AI(Artificial Intelligence), XR(Extended Reality), AR(Augmented Reality) and mostly technology.

This newsletter is directly from MIT and covers wide range of topics like AI, Biotechnology, Blockchain, Climate change, Smart cities, Space, Humans and technology.

This newsletter covers topics like tech, design, science and coding. …

These are some cool bookmarks of design and stuff which caught my eye recently, I thought to share them which can be used by the designers and others who are interested in it.

Evernote has this cool collection of links related to design stuff.

This library contains the collection of design tools used by the modern designers out there.

This one is for the product designers, it’s a curated list of resources to learn product design from the internet.

This is more of a curated list of the innovation resources out there..

This is a curated directory of editorial newsletters…

I have seen so many channels in youtube but I did find some very useful and I regularly update myself with these channels. I thought to share some. Genuinely its hard to find such good one’s. Here you go.

  1. Coldfusion

2. Seeker

3. BBC click

4. Vox


5. Verge science

6. Tech insider

7. Kurzgesagt


8. Tech-quickie

9. Bloomberg Technology

10. Vice

Vice mostly covers every topic in the world but some of their tech videos are worth watching!

11. CNBC

Its my first article, clap if you like it 😁…

Eshwar Veesam

I am a future focused guy and passionate about Human Computer Interaction, design strategy, innovation and psychology of human brain.

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